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Holy February!

Syncopation was BUSY this month! Who knew the dead of winter could be so lively? A cappella shows at Belmont High School, Merrimack College, and First Church Cohasset. Shows with rhythm section at jazz clubs: the Hi-Hat in Providence and Ryles in Cambridge. And next month we're at the beautiful Performing Arts Center in Chelmsford.

Hartford Concert Series

I just got back from performing at First Baptist Church in Hartford. They are starting a music series and invited a jazz ensemble to kick it off. I was singing, Mark Shilansky played piano, Neil Shilansky played drums, Keala Kaumeheiwa played bass, and Kris Allen played alto sax. What a fun night. The church has enormously high ceilings. It's the very picture of a classic New England church. The audience was incredibly engaged and gave us plenty of energy and permission to walk the high wire. Acoustics good. Band slammin'. What's not to like? The topper: baked goods afterwards. Lots of cookies, brownies and cakes. I'm still high on sugar, two hours later.

Experimental Improvised Electronica

In 2009 I started making ambient music with just my voice, an effects pedal, a looper, and some random instruments/noisemakers. I have posted a couple of tracks on my MySpace page. Tell me what you think!

Grown-Up Music

Grown-up music is the kind where you can enjoy it sitting in the back row, chatting quietly with a drink and a friend, or sitting in the front row with your eyes closed, marinating in the sounds, reflecting on the poetry, and meditating on your life. The grown-up music I perform borrows a lot from jazz, but also has influences from western classical music, pop/rock, and country music.

Syncopation tour

Hey, what a couple of weeks it's been. Swampscott, Worcester's Mechanics Hall (what a beautiful room that is -- Mark Twain spoke there!), all our old friends at Ryles, radio appearance on WICN, the Center for the Arts at Natick... whew. Then after this Syncopation tour, I got to perform at Vernissage and Acton Jazz Cafe with the inimitable Mark Shilansky. Top that off with singing oratorio for the Boston Singers Resource select auditions, and I'm beat. Stick a fork in me for a little bit. I'll put my head up again soon, but for a bit I'll reconnect with my family and let myself get caught up in the holiday spirit. Hope you all do, too!


Thanks to everyone who came to Scullers on Tuesday for Syncopation. It was the first time we tried out our new toys: wireless mics. Oh yeah. I love music technology, especially when it makes it easy for everyone to walk around the stage (and even through the audience) without getting tangled or tripped. Of course, our sound man Bruce was the one who had to sweat all the technical aspects, but he did a fantastic job. As he says, if you don't notice the sound reinforcement, then he's done his job. We've been trying to move towards a better flow in our sets, and thanks to everyone's hard work I think we achieved it.

The Cats, part II

Gig at Ryles on Friday was a revelation. I played with several guys I've never worked with before. Greg Hopkins, who I have heard described as "world-class" and "the best trumpet player in New England", Dino Govoni, who plays positively Brecker-ish tenor saxophone. Then the phenomenal electric bassist Fernando Huergo and rhythmic wizard Bertram Lehmann on drums. And of course Shark Milansky on piano. I called the band "The Hard Bop Sextet", which was a bit of a misnomer. We performed some aggressive modern jazz, some original songs, burning latin tunes.... Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Tom Harrell... stuff you don't often hear singers do. Here is a video of Joe Henderson's "The Kicker".

The Cats

Hey everybody, it was a grand pleasure to sing at Ryles last week with Ray Santisi on piano, Barry Smith on bass, Casey Scheuerell on drums, Jeff Stout on trumpet, and Larry Baione on guitar. We had a great turnout, especially considering that it rained cats and dogs. I especially got a kick when Jeff Stout would quote back little pieces of my scat solos -- three tunes later! These guys have experience, attitude, and a point of view. The last, especially, is often a rarity among younger players. A couple of videos from that night. Enjoy! Blame It On My Youth Desafinado


Last night at the Lily Pad in Cambridge I did a show like I've never done before. I had no fellow-musicians to share the stage with, just a few assorted instruments, a couple of microphones, a sonic effects device, and a looper. And you know what? It worked. Check my MySpace page for a song clip.


Sang the tenor solos in the Bach Magnificat with the Masterworks Chorale tonight. Those people have a good time! It really reminded me that music is all about F U N .

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