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And now for the horn section


I don't know how we got so lucky, but we did trumpet and saxophone tracking this week with Jason Palmer and Walter Smith III. Normally when you bring in new musicians to a session you have to explain the vibe/mood/approach to everything. Not with these two. They heard the basics and got golden takes right away. Should have taken 6 hours; finished in 3. I can't wait until you hear this stuff.

Lap steel tracking


Kevin Barry is the master. I went to his house and recorded overdubs on my upcoming record. He played lap steel mostly, but at one point I said, "you know, I'm imagining sort of a baritone guitar sound here," and he jumped up and said, "let me go get mine! I never get to use that thing!" So beautiful. He plays lap steel like a theramin, moving his fingers and hands around in mysterious shapes that result in mind-bogglingly gorgeous sounds. His intonation is so so so SO excellent.

W.A. Mathieu lessons


Thanks to a Berklee faculty travel grant, went to Sebastapol California to study with W.A. Mathieu. His concept of harmonic experience is changing my musical life, helping this jazzer see beyond 2-5-1's. What a dude this guy is. Absolute wealth of knowledge and WISDOM.

QUEEN rock and roll


Performed the music of QUEEN with the great vocalist MARC MARTEL and the BOSTON POPS orchestra at TANGLEWOOD.




Starting work on a new album! This is going to be the best one yet, with unique versions of standards, some original songs. It will blend straight ahead jazz, early 1970s NYC grit, and wide open country spaces.

Piano: Mark Shilansky

Guitars: Kevin Barry

Basses: Marty Ballou

Drums: Austin McMahon

Vintage Vocal Quartet in Littleton, MA - thanks!


Pedal steel guitar


I can't hear pedal steel guitar without thinking of getting my hair cut with my dad...

New NEFA status for VVQ


Fee support for Vintage Vocal Quartet may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit for more information.

Love You Madly available for purchase


The Vintage Vocal Quartet brings the big band era to life by singing while swinging on piano, guitar, bass and trumpet. Their debut album includes songs by Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, and more!

Buy yours at

The CD is here!


Here's a gift idea for the music lover in your life: the new CD of awesome swing music from the Vintage Vocal Quartet.

The Vintage Vocal Quartet's first studio album, "Love You Madly," shows off the group just as they are in performance: four people, playing instruments and singing. That's it. Lean and sleek swing music with no added filler.

The VVQ just got back from performing 6 sold-out shows in Hyannis with the Cape Symphony.

You can get digital recordings on CD Baby, but you know you want the superior audio quality and tactile pleasure of a few physical CDs to stuff in stockings. You'll be supporting real musicians as well as getting some toe-tapping vocal harmony.

CDs are $20 each including shipping. Paypal address is Or send a check to Vintage Vocal Quartet, 63 Boston Street #2, Somerville, MA 02143. We'll pop it in the mail to you right away.

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